iHUB in Italy

TeamDev’s FIWARE INNOVA iHUB is the official Fiware iHub for Italy

FIWARE INNOVA iHUB aims to support and promote tech innovation for the development of the Smart City and Smart Agri-food.

Our solutions are based on the European FIWARE standard, an open source platform that aims to facilitate the access of companies to the most recent and innovative technologies, in order to promote intelligent solutions, expertise and technology for digital innovation.

The iHUB offers a number of services to local companies which want to become more competitive in digital economy:

  • Technology and consulting support, training, research and testing by using FIWARE technology
  • Individual coaching of startup and SMEs
  • Support on certification process for Powered by Fiware applications and FIWARE IoT Ready applications
  • Market information and organization of events to spread FIWARE technologies

“FIWARE INNOVA iHUB, the Community of Tech Innovation”


FIWARE is the open source platform of choice for building Smart Solutions in multiple sectors. It provides a simple yet powerful set of enablers and royalty free and open source APIs which enable any business to access the latest and innovative technology, in order to promote intelligent solutions, expertise and technology.

“Think globally but act locally” is a hallmark of the FIWARE ecosystem.

The FIWARE iHubs programme plays a key role in building a community of developers, adopting and contributing to FIWARE, acting at local level.

It aims at supporting the creation and the activities of iHub nodes worldwide, giving developers the necessary training and support on FIWARE technologies, and helping them to network within the FIWARE ecosystem.

motto fiware: think globally, act locally
iHUB Umbria