TeamDev is Microsoft Silver Certified Partner:

  • Silver Application Developement

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Esri partners offer the expertise you need to solve real-world problems and grow your business.

The Esri Partner Network is a worldwide community of companies that develop and deliver cutting-edge geographic spatial solutions and services based on Esri® technology. Together, Esri and its partners collaborate to support end users through successful GIS implementations and repeatable solutions.
Esri recognizes the level of investment that partners make in their relationship with Esri and provides a rich set of benefi ts in return.
Business Network Esri Italia is the extension of EPN, managed by Esri Italia. >

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TeamDev is FIWARE Gold Member.

The FIWARE Foundation was founded as a legal non-profit association in October 2016.  The purpose of the FIWARE Foundation is to serve the FIWARE Community which comprises all individuals and organizations committed to materialise the FIWARE mission, that is: “to build an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards that will ease the development of new Smart Applications in multiple sectors”.

The FIWARE Foundation is open: anybody can join contributing to a transparent governance of FIWARE activities and rising through the ranks, based on merit. There are more

Glod Member are those legally established organizations committed to FIWARE having an active role in pursuing the FIWARE Mission. >

Libelium is TeamDev techincal partner .

The famous spanish company provides us with the sensors we use to collect sensitive data in different environments. The Libelium sensors fit perfectly to our changing requirements.

The partnership is well established, we used Libelium branded sensors for numerous projects in different areas and markets.

Waspmote Plug & Sens is the modular sensor Libelium. By integrating over 70 different sensors, it fits any scenario and scope of use. >

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TeamDev is ELO Digital Office Business Partners.

ELO Digital Office GmbH develops high-performance software that allows companies to take a holistic approach to managing information. The products and solutions that ELO Digital Office GmbH offers for electronic document management, digital archiving and workflow management cover all areas of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

The ELO corporate strategy relies almost exclusively on partners. ELO has built up a powerful partner network at home and abroad over the years. Thanks to continuous training and certification, our partners have well-founded knowledge in the area of ELO and ECM/DMS solutions. ELO has a network of more than 400 partners worldwide.

ELO business partners have a versatile spectrum of services on offer, ranging from consulting, design, programming and implementation to the ongoing operation of the ELO installation. The partner spectrum ranges from highly-specialised small firms to very large systems vendors. > >

TeamDev is Entando System Integrator Partner.

Entando srl is the maintainer of the Open Source Web Portal Platform Entando.

Founded in Sardinia on 2009, Entando has over 65000 downloads now and 1000 installations, including over 100 at major customers such as the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Civil Protection, the City of Rome, Q8 and Dexia Bank. Take part in international research and development projects such OptiBirth and iResearch4Birth, coordinated by Trinity College Dublin.
Winner in 2013 of SINNOVA Award for Best Innovation Company, Entando was named in 2012 by the Open Source Business Panel Future of Open Source Survey as innovative software product worldwide, and awarded as Emerging Vendor by CRN in 2013 and 2014 Magazine ( In April 2015 Gartner has named “Cool Vendor in Web Computing, 2015” as one of the companies that are changing significantly the bedrock of the Web.
Entando is an Open Source platform that combines in one the features of the enterprise portal, content management system and application frameworks.

Entando is a tool designed to simplify the work of developers and IT companies who wish to have full control of a web platform with software modules, features and management tools that facilitate customizations, increase the speed of development and permit extensive customization.

Entando is designed to be flexible and respond to changes according to the needs and organizational dynamics in time of strong and continuous technological evolution. >

The Precision Farming or Precision Agriculture is a farming management strategy that takes advantage of modern instrumentation and is targeted to the execution of agronomic interventions in a selective way in the various areas of a field based on the actual cultivation requirements and the biochemical and physical characteristics of the soil.

Different technologies are used to monitor these differences intra-field.

GEOCARE is the first supply chain of Precision Farming in Italy.

Training and consulting agronomic with CRATIA, automatic systems to driving agricultural machinery with GEOTOP-TOPCON, Systems Aircraft in Piloting Remote with SKYROBOTIC and finally GIS and decision support systems with TeamDev allow to cover 360 degrees every aspect of precision farming. >