A company must constantly keep up-to-date, especially when software and GIS represent a key part of its business: at TeamDev we study the technologies and make available our knowledge, helping our clients to choose the most suitable product for them.

Understanding the value of new solutions, which can determine the future of companies, is the basis for our attention to innovation.

However, learning time must be reduced as much as possible in order not to lose the wave of innovation.

The term novelty includes the concept of something unknown, unexplored and still hidden from most people.

How can the acquisition of work skills be optimised, making full use of the new technology’s capabilities?

TeamDev Training & Consulting

TeamDev has got specialized skills in software development and in the use of GIS systems. By organizing dedicated training courses, mentoring activities and training on the job, TeamDev has supported companies with a strong technological vocation.

Our approach allows us to understand the client’s needs and develop customized solutions, supporting him in acquiring the skills necessary to become efficient in the use of new technology. During the training period the teacher focuses on specific needs and topics requested by the client, helping him in the operational phases as well.

The company has high-profile professional figures able to guide and train the client in the use of multiple technologies:

  • Web development with Javascript frameworks;
  • Client development on Microsoft WPF technology;
  • Architectural introduction for enterprise applications and development patterns;
  • ArcGIS Server platform;
  • ArcGIS Online platform and web applications;
  • ArcGIS Desktop and extensions;
  • Analysis and creation of database on SQL Server, PostGIS and NoSQL.

The quality and strength of our Training & Consulting offer consists in providing certified tutors, always up-to-date and fed by constant on field experience: our trainers are not full-time teachers, but technicians with high skills that can combine technology with real experience.