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TeamDev s.r.l. is a software house based in Perugia performing at both national and international level providing:

  • Developing Geographic Information Systems;
  • Multi-device application procedures;
  • Specialized Consulting services;
  • Technology and innovation consulting;
  • Training courses for companies and developers.

TeamDev meets the requirements of the companies and public administrations which need to embed technology innovations into their processes. We are developing framework and software products that include geographic information systems (GIS) for web and mobile application solutions. Also, we are offering specialized consulting and trainings to developers and companies.

Our work, thanks to GISaction brand, addresses also the actors involved in international cooperation and sustainable development, such as NGOs and local or national government. A particular form of “Action” belonging to civil economy, by using a geographical approach.

TeamDev works for the companies operating in Italy and abroad. During the years we have been actively involved into the world of innovations, we have acquired the clients from PMI, PA, big industrial and editorial groups to the different kind of academic, voluntary associations and organizations.

Since the relations are extremely important for our company, for the dynamic of our business and communication with external environment, we are trying to create long-lasting rapports with our clients and partners.

Our Clients