TeamDev becomes the first company in Europe to receive recognition from Esri for its innovative capabilities and support to NonProfit organizations

A significant milestone has been reached by TeamDev, as our commitment and high level of specialization in providing technological support to the NonProfit sector have been recognized by Esri, the world’s leading developer of geographic software. This recognition comes in the form of the Nonprofit Specialty, affirming TeamDev’s ability to assist NonProfit organizations in accessing new digital tools to enhance the impact of their actions.

Geospatial Technologies for NonProfits

Geospatial technologies can play a fundamental role in the operations of NonProfit organizations. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allow for the acquisition, management, analysis, visualization, and sharing of data with a geographic dimension. It goes beyond simply creating maps: it is about using various data sources to extract more informations, transitioning from knowing what is happening to understanding where and why it is happening. NonProfit organizations utilize GIS to gain deeper insights into their operational contexts, effectively communicate their activities and results, digitize and streamline field operations, and measure the impact of their initiatives.

GisAction, TeamDev’s brand for NonProfit

TeamDev’s achievement of the Nonprofit Specialty is made possible through the work of the brand gisAction, specialized in developing geospatial solutions for the NonProfit sector and international cooperation. Established in 2010, gisAction was created to address the innovation needs of the third sector. Since then, gisAction has been alongside sustainable development stakeholders, innovating workflow processes, improving data collection and management, and integrating innovative solutions for advocacy and storytelling activities.

TeamDev is today a leading company in Italy and Europe in the field of geospatial solutions. Following the achievement of the ArcGIS System Ready Specialty, the Nonprofit Specialty certifies TeamDev’s growth and high level of expertise in utilizing Esri tools and developing customized geospatial solutions. In a world that demands a shift towards sustainable policies, everyone’s commitment is necessary to contribute to the construction of a fairer, cleaner, and safer world. This specialty will allow TeamDev to continue to be protagonist in addressing the challenges of the future.