Four of Europe’s leading organizations in the data market are joining forces to accelerate the adoption of Data Spaces across Europe and beyond. The new partnership – Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA) – is the first initiative to bring together the industry’s major players to design a data-driven future in which organizations and individuals are able to value their data. The key players are FIWARE, Big Data Value Association (BDVA), Gaia-X , and International Data Spaces Association (IDSA).

A single framework for Data Spaces

Data Spaces are the key for the realization of a data sharing space between business and society marked by sovereignty, interoperability and reliability. A crucial step toward the data economy of the future. The consortium that has taken shape, thanks to the authority of the players and the relevant expertise set, finally has a chance to push on the accelerator to generate awareness, create technology, configure standards and enable integration between companies.

Data Spaces: the key to valuable data

While we are seeing the practice of data sharing becoming increasingly popular, organizations face significant barriers preventing them from fully exploiting the potential direct benefits. That’s why Data Spaces are necessary, bringing together data providers, users and intermediaries in order to create common spaces to support business and industry initiatives.

The value af Alliance

The four sponsoring organizations of the DSBA consortium represent key players from industry, research and policymakers, with more than 1,000 members collectively. Specifically, there are three areas of work:

  • Technology and architecture: the consortium defines a common reference model, based on existing architectures and models, and manages interoperability by harmonizing technology components.
  • Support: the consortium supports existing organizations and Data Spaces by enhancing available tools, expertise and resources. Support includes handbooks, roadmaps, individual growth plans, access to Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), accelerator programs, and more.
  • Identification and characterization: the consortium establishes a “Data Space Radar” to explore potential Data Spaces. It provides an overview of how they are evolving globally; promotes frontrunners’ initiatives and identifies their best practices to enhance them for the benefit of all.


Our company, partner of FIWARE and the BDVA network, is ready to join the challenge of the Data Economy to turn into reality the economic potential of a digital future. “We are ready,” disclosed Andrea Cruciani, CEO of TeamDev and member of the Board of Directors of FIWARE, “to support the process of creating European Data Spaces and seize the opportunities of an economy truly based on the value of data. The experience of our ecosystem in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Smart City and precision agriculture – together with our expertise – allow us to be key players in the challenges of the future.”